By Emily Fishburn, Account Manager

This Sunday marks World Mental Health Day, a day focused on raising awareness about mental health, something which has previously had a massive stigma around and has been brushed under the carpet, It’s now being openly and honestly spoken about in both our working and personal lives. This support is important due to the fact that 1 in 4 people in the UK has experienced mental health issues.

At Whiteoaks this week, we honoured the day by having a cake and coffee session, which led us to get talking to one another about our most random facts and debating whether we’d like more money or more time. This gave us a chance to take a break from our usual workday and get to know each other better. Mixing from different departments within the company and most importantly, to lift spirits and have a laugh.

Other companies too are joining in on raising awareness for the day, for example, Spotify is encouraging everyone to ‘Take a Beat’. On their platform, they have re-introduced a ‘Wellness hub’ in which people can access various mental health resources from a yoga and exercise section to calming playlists and motivational podcasts. Moonpig is also encouraging the UK to reconnect with others and show someone they care by giving away free cards to honour World Mental Health Day. The NHS has an ‘Every Mind Matters’ campaign which provides expert advice and practical tips to help us look after mental health. Some of these including:

– Spending time in nature
– Getting enough sleep, having a balanced diet and staying hydrated (something I discussed the importance of in a previous blog)
– Exercising (this can be anything from walking, cycling to dancing)
– Spending time with supportive people
– Taking some time out for yourself to do something you like, for example, baking, watching a film, reading a new book or listening to some music
– Help someone else – giving something back can help give a boost to our mental health

The website also helps by offering a survey in which you answer five questions to get a free mind plan to help deal with stress and anxiety, improve your sleep, boost your mood and feel more in control, take the quiz here.

To keep up to date with what people around the world are doing to raise awareness for Mental Health Day as well as accessing materials for taking care of your own mental health and providing support for others, the World Health Organisation (WHO) is hosting a dedicated campaign on their website for everyone to access here. You can also follow the hashtag for the day on Twitter #WorldMentalHealthDay.


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