It’s all too easy to start the year heading straight into the daily business activities: What’s the status with this marketing campaign? Which creative partner should I contact to work on our new brochure? I need to meet with this person in Sales to find out whether client A will sign off on that case study…. These are just some example thoughts that marketers across the B2B space probably all have running through their minds right now.

Rather than jumping straight into what is bound to be a lengthy to-do list, now is exactly the right time for PR and marketing professionals to take a step back and think about how to achieve best practice with all their efforts. Ask yourself how you can write impactful and useful content, how media relations can build your brand and how to navigate the tension between launching campaigns that are both creative and realistic. What are you trying to achieve and how – and what do you want your various audiences to think? And how can your PR and communications agency work as part of your team, not outside of it?

These are the kinds of questions we have set out to help you answer in a new series of videos we recently recorded with some of the Whiteoaks team. Our experts in media relations, social media, campaign planning and content, to name but a few, have filmed a series of short clips to help frame your strategic thinking for the year ahead.

Out of these clips have come an idea: the creation of Whiteoaks Insights. Where you see that title, be it in a blog post, at an event, webinar or in a LinkedIn post, you know that you’ll be about to read or watch something that offers you benefits, insight and information to help you do better. At Whiteoaks, we all believe the more you know, the better you’ll be.

So, come along and follow us on Twitter @WhiteoaksPR, where we’ll be posting each video first using the #WOInsights hashtag. You’ll also find the videos soon afterwards on LinkedIn and our YouTube channel. And to find out more about us and how we’re a deliberately different kind of PR agency, head over to this page of our website.

We believe conventional PR doesn’t work. To hear why, come and say



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