Senior account executive simon moss considers work/life balance

By Bekki Bushnell, Head of Business Development

Technology has fundamentally changed the way we work – of this, there can be no argument.

I was considering this as I stayed up to watch the start of the first Ashes test in Brisbane, Australia, on Wednesday evening. There I was, Blackberry in hand, reading through some emails and considering responses, as the clock approached midnight.

Now this isn’t a sob story – far from it – I was staying up late by choice and had some spare time to kill. Instead, I want to demonstrate how smart devices and the ability to “work anywhere, on any device” can be considered both a blessing and a curse.

There is a growing counter argument to flexible working that says our work/life balance could, in fact, be eroded, as we are forever connected to the office.

In years gone by, people would have been able to leave their work at the office and not have to consider it again until the next morning. But when I see the flashing email light on my phone, I can’t help but read it.

So while there are massive plus points to flexible working (of which, I must state, I am a big believer) there is a negative side that cannot be ignored. Do you ever truly switch off?

This is where each individual has to take responsibility. It is all about choice. I chose to check and action work emails at close to midnight, but I could just as easily have chosen to switch my phone off.

I guess the point I am trying to make is that while technology provides us with many wonderful opportunities, it is a lame excuse to accuse it of dominating our lives.

The way the cricket has gone, I am pretty happy I chose to watch the first day rather than the second. Like I said, it’s all about choice.