Name and title:

Anne Chianalino, Senior Media Account Executive

How long have you worked at Whiteoaks?

I joined Whiteoaks in July 2018 & have just celebrated passing the 3-year milestone!

Tell us a bit more about your career progression within Whiteoaks, for example, your first role and how you’ve developed since then:

I joined Whiteoaks as a Junior Account Executive back in 2018 but unlike most candidates going into this entry level role today, I had graduated almost a decade prior to starting and already had 7-8 years’ experience as a retail manager under my belt.

It was a little scary to say the least, leaving a management position and starting again but pursuing a career in PR had been a long-term goal of mine so I jumped at the opportunity.

I remember my first week so clearly and being completely in awe of my new surroundings. I met the team, navigated my inbox, and celebrated the success of making it to Friday with a glass of prosecco in hand at the company’s happy hour! It was a completely new environment for me, but I loved it!

A year on, I was promoted to Account Executive which meant my role involved working more closely with the media – something I knew I would enjoy. I remember my first big win involved securing an intro lunch briefing for one of our clients with a journalist at the Guardian and it was at that moment I thought tailoring my skills to focus solely on a media specialist role was something I wanted to do long term.

To help me establish my path within media outside of the day-to-day role, I took advantage Whiteoaks training opportunities such as completing my PCRA CPD accreditation, attending lunchtime pizza training sessions and signing up for webinars.

Three years on and I sit proudly in the position of Senior Media Account Executive for Team Ara.

How did you get into PR? For example, what did you study? Your previous jobs, etc.

PR was a career I always wanted to break into but graduating during the 2012 recession made it a challenge as most opportunities were based in London. However, where possible, I took advantage of internships working within brands such as Whistles and Women’s Health Magazine to get insight and expand on my industry knowledge.

What’s been the highlight of your Whiteoaks career so far?

I think for me the biggest highlight has been achieving consistently great results for clients in response to my efforts. It’s more an ongoing highlight rather than one in particular but as many do say – consistency is key!

What makes you smile at the end of the day?

Ticking everything off my to do list and closing my laptop!

When I’m not PRing I like to…

Go to Pilates, go out for dinner, walk the dog, catch up with friends, indulge in a Netflix series, travel… the list goes on!

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