Name and title

Ellie Nash, Senior Digital Account Executive

When did you start working at Whiteoaks?

I started in June 2021

Tell us a bit more about your career progression within Whiteoaks

Since joining Whiteoaks nine months ago, I feel I have really developed and progressed – not only within my role but also within myself.

I am currently working on the social media channels of five of our B2B clients that specialise in a range of areas, from broadcast to cloud computing. I run monthly campaign reports, set-up paid social campaigns, write organic social schedules and speak with most clients on a weekly basis. This role has most definitely allowed me to develop my communication, time-management and numerical skills.

Alongside my role, I am also working closely with the Whiteoaks Mental Health Ambassadors and the Charity Committee, representing and working for my colleagues.

I am currently on a development plan and am so excited to discover what’s to come in my role as I progress to the next step as a Senior Digital Account Executive.

How did you get into PR?

After finishing my A-Levels in 2019, I decided not to go to university but instead dive into a Level 4 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship at Farnborough College of Technology.

Alongside this apprenticeship, I worked at a managed IT services provider until 2021, when my apprenticeship came to an end. After passing with flying colours and working on the social media, graphic design and content writing of the organisation, I discovered my passion lay truly in the social media space and that was when I was provided with the opportunity to work as a Digital Account Executive at Whiteoaks. And the rest is history!

What’s been the highlight of your Whiteoaks career so far?

So far, one of the main highlights of my career has been becoming a Mental Health Ambassador for my colleagues. Our aim is to remove the stigma around mental health and provide staff with a safe space to open up and talk about what’s troubling them, and assist them in finding the help they need.

I feel very lucky to be working alongside a group of individuals that are aiming to make mental health a less taboo subject – I feel proud to be someone that my colleagues can come to when struggling with something.

What makes you smile at the end of the day?

At the end of the day, something that always makes me smile is seeing the success of a client’s social media channel.

Being able to feed back to a client and inform them that their social post has gone viral and they’re now experiencing an increase of engagement, impressions and link clicks is very rewarding and something I value massively as it shows my hard work is paying off!

When I’m not PRing I like to…

When I’m not PRing, I like to go to the gym (weight training is my favourite), I love cooking for friends and family (curries and risottos are my speciality) and I love spending A LOT of time on TikTok and Instagram (guilty).

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