By Mark Wilson, Creative Director

We all love a good podcast – from true crime and football fantasy, to epic cookery and comedy. There is a podcast on every topic.

But it’s not just entertainment. And content isn’t just directed at consumers. I’ll say it again… there is a podcast on every topic. Business, tech, creative, advertising, tech PR, HR… the list goes on. As a business owner or marketing professional you’ve most likely already asked the question: how can podcasts help my business?

The answer is simple.

The right podcast, with engaging and informative content, can be used in much the same way as any other PR and marketing asset. It is a great vehicle to support your objectives, and can be used to fuel awareness of your brand, generate leads and demonstrate thought leadership.

The best thing about podcasts is that they are so versatile — giving you almost carte blanche when it comes to format. Q&A, monologue, conversational, panel… the choice is yours. Depending on your objective and your content, of course.

And again, just like with other marketing and PR assets, the podcast is best used as part of a balanced campaign mix, covering off a range of different assets for every touchpoint; social, video, eBooks and the likes. Not everyone consumes content in the same way so it’s important to give your audience options and make it easy for them to engage with your brand.

The podcast is also the perfect tool to humanise your business and give your customers and potential customers insights into the people behind the brand. You can talk about your values, highlight your staff or simply give them valuable content in a personalised way, whether that’s coming from a subject matter expert or your CEO.

Another key element that podcasts can help with is credibility. We all know that having your existing clients talk about their successes and positive experiences with your business is a valuable sales tool. Also think about employee advocacy; having your team talk about their experiences, career growth and why they enjoy their jobs can help boost that assurance for prospective clients but also help attract the right candidates for new roles.

Okay, so maybe that wasn’t a simple answer. But the facts are clear around the value that a professionally executed and promoted podcast can deliver to your business. Whether that’s providing a window into your brand and your team, reinforcing what you stand for or demonstrating your expertise and thought leadership to the market, podcasts are definitely worth considering for your brand.


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