In a bygone era, success in PR was crudely measured using Advertising Value Equivalents (AVEs), a method that inadequately equated media exposure to advertising expenses. This approach, much like measuring success in column inches, provided little context and understanding of the impact of media placements.  

At best, the outcome would be a mention in a national tabloid, but the genuine results and business impact were unclear.

Today, with rapid advances in technology, PR has undergone a profound evolution. 

The evolution of PR

Print is but one of the myriad channels at the disposal of PR today – from online articles and social media posts curated by influencers, to immersive real-life trade shows and conferences. This array means narratives and messaging can be crafted, disseminated and amplified across multiple channels. The number of touchpoints available to brands to engage with their audience is both diverse and abundant.

The internet hosts pockets where niche communities congregate, and with strategic messaging and compelling narratives, PR can identify and hone in on these targets in a way that was never possible before.

With ever-evolving tools and capabilities to monitor and track, campaigns can be designed to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) that align to business objectives. This approach ensures campaigns yield tangible outcomes – from increased sales and enhanced visibility to heightened customer engagement.

Modern PR in business growth strategies

So we’ve seen PR has changed but how can it really help shape and drive business growth? If we think of PR as a bridge between brands and their target audiences, we can begin to see how it plays a key role in growth strategies. 

Be seen

Business growth through PR can only really happen when you get the balance right between the complex interchange of values; visibility, credibility, and authenticity.

Being at the forefront and generating visibility is paramount for brands to attract attention, acquire customers, and secure business opportunities. However, visibility lacks substance without the additional layer of brand credibility.

While visibility serves as the initial hook, it’s only when the brand is perceived as credible by its audience that it truly solidifies its position and nurtures enduring connections.

And believed

Credibility doesn’t come from spouting well-meaning sentiments as part of your campaign. It doesn’t come from paying a premium for a stand at a fancy trade show. Nor does it come from speaking about topics that you think should be discussed because they’re trending on TikTok.

Credible brands speak on subjects which matter to their audience. Credible brands talk authentically – potentially about the challenges their audience is trying to solve or the opportunities they want to seize. Authentic narratives add value and demonstrate why their audience should pay attention. Acknowledging when a topic isn’t within the domain of a brand also reinforces this credibility.

PR wields the ability to shape perceptions, making it a potent instrument for driving business growth when visibility, credibility, and authenticity harmonise. When a brand is not just visible but is also trusted, it becomes a compelling choice for consumers to engage with and purchase from.

Where experience matters 

And herein lies the importance of selecting the right PR agency. Being able to craft those authentic narratives is born from a deep comprehension of audience needs and extensive experience in calibrating messaging and measuring outcomes. 

A skilled PR agency will adeptly pinpoint compelling narratives to cut through the noise, amplify reach, and ensure they consistently serve your brand’s goals, time and time again.

Business growth for B2B tech 

For the past 30 years at Whiteoaks, we’ve dedicated ourselves to refining this approach working with B2B tech brands. With tech-savvy clients and a cynical media, the urgency to distinguish your brand is more pressing than ever before. 

While consumer brands excel at this, B2B is still playing it safe, making it increasingly challenging to break through the noise. And this is where we come in – crafting messages which offer a fresh perspective; steering away from the generic and sparking conversations that challenge norms or elevate discourse to new heights; we’ve uncovered the secret sauce to standing out amidst a crowded marketplace. 

A strategic approach for business growth 

As PR continues to evolve, its measurable impact on business goals and growth cannot be dismissed. Modern PR practices enable the demonstration of ROI, making investment in this strategic approach more convincing than ever before. It’s no longer solely about who can shout the loudest but about being visible, trusted, and persuasive.

If you’re interested in finding out how your brand can cut through the noise and use PR as a strategic approach to grow, get in touch:


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