By Ellie Nash, Digital Account Executive

As we all know, short-form video platform, TikTok is taking the world of social media by storm and completely re-inventing social as we know it.

Platforms such as Facebook are now having to re-think their strategy to keep up with the fast-paced world of video content and have stayed quiet until last week, when they launched Facebook reels.

What are Facebook reels?

Facebook reels, much like Instagram reels, are an opportunity for users to record a short and snappy 60-second video to share to their platform. There is a chance for followers to like, comment and ‘Remix’ videos much like TikTok’s famous ‘Duet’ option.

In the coming weeks, Facebook will begin trialling ‘Stars on Reels’ which allows people to buy and send stars while watching Reels to support creators.

What are the benefits of Facebook reels?

The main idea behind Reels is for creators to get discovered and connect with their audience, all while earning money. Meta wants creators to reconnect with the platform and steer away from TikTok so Facebook becomes an application of entertainment again.

Making money from Facebook reels

Facebook has launched a ‘Reels Play’ bonus programme that grants creators the opportunity to earn up to $35,000 a month based on the views of their reels. This is currently only available in America but after the success of creator, ‘Jason The Great’, Facebook will soon begin trials to develop this worldwide.

Unlike TikTok, there are two advert formats available for creators on the platform.

  1. Banner ads: Banner ads sit at the bottom of a Facebook reel and as a semi-transparent overlay.
  2. Sticker ads: Sticker ads are static and can be placed anywhere on top of the reel.

How to set up a Facebook reel

  1. Open your Facebook app and look in the top left corner, underneath the Facebook logo.
  2. Click on reel.
  3. Add your video by either selecting pre-recorded videos or hold down the record button.
  4. You will see you can add audio, select the length, speed, add effects, set a timer or add a green screen on the right-hand side of the screen.
  5. Tap next once you’ve finished editing.
  6. Write a description for your reel and select who you’d like to view the reel. This can be anyone on or off Facebook or just your friends.
  7. Tap share to publish your reel to your Facebook stream.

In the opinion of the Digital team, we’re not sure whether Facebook reels will catch on. TikTok is already the number one platform for short-form video viewing and is used by billions … Maybe Facebook were too late to jump on the band wagon?


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