What is the one piece of tech / software / device that you discovered you can’t live without during lockdown?

TA: Workwise, Zoom and Teams have been hugely helpful to keep in touch with the team during WFH. But I’m very grateful for my SONOS system that I got a while ago, having music on throughout the house makes staying inside much easier.

JK: Definitely my AirPods. Whether it’s listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks whilst I work or music whilst getting my daily exercise, they are a lifesaver!


What has been your favourite lockdown activity so far?

TA: Not having to commute has given me a lot more time to run and walk so I’ve been able to explore lots of different routes in my area.

JK: Whiteoaks’ virtual quizzes and bingo aside, my friends and I have kept ourselves entertained by setting each other challenges which have so far included seeing who can eat a full apple or carrot the fastest. If anyone has any ideas, get in touch!


What is your favourite lockdown snack?

TA: Easy. Crisps. A cupboard full of crisps has been my go-to.

JK: I’m not really a snack kind of guy but a cold beer at the end of the week is a treat, especially now that the weather is improving!


What are you currently watching / reading / listening to?

TA: Unlike everyone else, we haven’t watched Tiger King yet…but we have just finished season one of Fargo on Netflix and I’ve nearly finished reading Stephen King’s 11.22.63, proving to be quite tense near the end!

JK: I am currently reading a book called ‘Everything is f*cked’ by Mark Manson. Whilst it sounds pessimistic, it raises some interesting points about human values and motivation. A timely read for sure.

I am also using the time to listen to sports and fitness podcasts. The Peter Crouch podcast and The High Performance podcast are my current favourites.

Oh, and obviously the Harry Potter audiobooks.


Have you learnt or tried anything new?

TA: I love pasta, so when all the panic buying was commencing it meant that we had no pasta. So, I resorted to making my own and after a bit of trial and error it actually ended up being pretty good. I’ve also attempted to make bread during lockdown so my culinary skills are being tested.

JK: As my team know all too well, I have been trying my hand (or fingers) at learning the piano. So far I have mastered ‘Mary had a little lamb’ and have moved on to ‘You’ll never walk alone’. Beethoven’s legacy is safe for now…


What’s the first thing you’ll do when lockdown is lifted?

TA: I would like to say go on holiday as we have one booked in June, but I don’t think that’ll be happening. So, we’ll probably just end up seeing family and friends and sitting in a pub garden — hopefully, the weather is still good!

JK: This is something that I have given a lot of thought over the last few weeks. I will get a haircut, go to the gym and then to the pub to catch up with friends over a cold one.


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