What is the one piece of tech/software/device that you discovered you can’t live without during lockdown?

SG: It’s a tough one.  My phone continues to be a vital additional limb but without my Garmin watch I’d be lost.

JK: Zoom (closely followed by Microsoft Teams).


What has been your favourite lockdown activity so far?

SG: Family quizzes have been great but I’ve been taking part in a virtual running challenge which has been a great distraction!

JK: A Cavapoo puppy (Dave) joined our family just before lockdown began.  I try to take him for a lunchtime walk every day.


What is your favourite lockdown snack?

SG: The demand for crisps in our house is out of control!

JK: I’ve recently discovered Malteser Mint Buttons (best if kept in the fridge) – they’re very good.


What are you currently watching/reading/listening to?

SG: Ozark on Netflix is taking up all my spare time!

JK: I usually have a chill-out playlist on in the background during the day.  We also recently binge-watched the second season of After Life.


Have you learnt or tried anything new?

SG: Homeschooling.  Not for me.  No career change imminent!

JK: I’m definitely doing a lot more cooking, usually with my 12-year-old son as ‘assistant chef’. The results are ‘varied’.


What’s the first thing you’ll do when lockdown is lifted?

SG: Visit family for much needed hugs and catch-ups.

JK: Take Dave to see my parents. I might stop for a pint on the way home too 😊.


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