What is the one piece of tech / software / device that you discovered you can’t live without during lockdown?

ZH: I’ve rediscovered my Xbox over lockdown. Of course, I’ve heavily relied on my phone and streaming services too, but I haven’t really played my Xbox for a couple of years, since I was in university. It’s helped to pass the time.

AC: Zoom’s been an essential during lock down — not just for work but also to attend live workout classes with studios I would attend prior to this. I’ve found that it’s hugely helped cement a routine into each week and has allowed me to check in with friends who have similar interests.

Spotify has also been key. Discovering new podcasts/ creating new playlists for running etc., has played a major role in giving me some time out.


What has been your favourite lockdown activity so far?

ZH: I’ve done a few virtual quizzes that have been lots of fun, but getting outside in the sun for daily walks and runs has made this lockdown bearable — thank goodness the ‘April showers’ never arrived! Whilst it may feel like the sunny weather has been wasted because we haven’t been able to go to the beach and have garden parties with friends and families, I think if we had all been trapped indoors because of rain, this lockdown would have been even more challenging.

AC: For me it’s being able to be at home. As a society, we spend so much time out of the house at work so despite the circumstances, I’m truly grateful that I’ve had time to enjoy the space we live in.


What is your favourite lockdown snack?

ZH: Percy Pigs. Lockdown or no lockdown, I feel very fortunate to live near enough to an M&S so I can pop in to restock. Over lockdown I’ve discovered the ‘phizzy pigtails’ variety too, which I’d highly recommend to any fellow Percy Pig lovers.

AC: OMG YES, great question! My sister dropped round some homemade rocky road the other week and it was incredible. It lasted all of 2 hours, with me indulging in all 4 slices in one sitting. The next day I texted her to request that she never brings any round again as I have zero control!


What are you currently watching / reading / listening to?

ZH: I’m in between Netflix shows at the moment, having recently finished both Ozark and Hollywood, both of which I really enjoyed. I’ve been listening to a few more podcasts on my longer runs too — Peter Crouch’s podcast is always funny and has somewhat helped the need for a football fix.

AC: Just finished binge watching White Lines on Netflix. Absolutely obsessed. It’s got everything a great series should have — action, mystery and romance. I can’t go into much detail but it’s a must-see!

At the moment I’m also reading The Tournament by Matthew Reilly. I read one of his books earlier this year and loved his style of writing so had to give this one a go. It’s set in the Tudor times which isn’t normally something I’d go for but after diving into a couple of chapters in the sunshine, I’m hooked!


Have you learnt or tried anything new?

ZH: I have something of a new running routine which has given me a goal to work towards. With no commute and more free time, I’ve been doing these 1-mile runs most days. It’s short enough that I can’t make any excuses not to go out on them, but not too long that I need to plan my evening around them. I’ve been timing myself too, so it’s been rewarding to see myself get quicker each week. I’m still just short of my goal which is sub-7 minutes, but hopefully by lockdown-end, I’ll get there. It’s also really improved my speed on longer runs too, which is a bonus.

AC: My partner and I have perfected the recipe for cinnamon buns — oh yes, we did shamefully jump on the bandwagon.

We’ve also discovered three nature reserves within walking distance of our house which is incredible considering we recently got a new puppy!


What’s the first thing you’ll do when lockdown is lifted?

ZH: It will probably involve seeing my family. Me and my mum have birthdays in June and July, so it would be nice if lockdown is lifted in time to celebrate those.

AC: I’d love to say something really exciting but in all honesty, I can’t wait to go to the hairdresser, my hair is crying out for some attention!


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