The rise of the “internet of customers”


You could be forgiven for thinking ‘so what’ about the Cloud. In technology, buzzwords come and go like changing seasons and often, the hype outweighs the reality of the potential. One minute something can be the ‘in thing’, the next, it’s cast aside and within what seems like a flash, it’s on the scrapheap and regarded as a long lost memory.

But not cloud…

This week I attended Salesforce’s roaming tradeshow at the London leg of Salesforce1 World Tour (formerly Cloudforce) with our client and Salesforce platinum partner, CloudSense. As one of the major driving forces behind the cloud for business, Salesforce has pioneered cloud innovation for over 15 years. What’s more, Salesforce has built up an ecosystem of partners and customers that are seeing tangible benefits from cloud technology, day-in day-out. In the company’s eyes, cloud is now so mainstream that in his opening keynote, George Hu, chief operating officer at Salesforce, said “Two years ago you had to translate what the cloud was. Now that would be like explaining what a cigarette is.”

A bold statement, but there’s truth in it.

While you will not find an event with more hype for the cloud anywhere in the world, it’s hard not to be sold when you see the enthusiastic and compelling presentations Salesforce offers at this event and the annual pitch to its 10,000 UK delegates.

You may also be forgiven for thinking ‘cloud has been around for ages – we’ve seen all it has to offer’. Well think again, as Salesforce has given birth to a new buzz term soon to (no doubt) make waves. Forget the current in-trend ‘Internet of Things’ for Salesforce is now driving the ‘Internet of Customers’.

But what does this actually mean?

Well, in short, it means Salesforce wants you to be able to run your business from your phone. That means not only handling sales and speaking with colleagues, but managing customer relationships, running marketing initiatives, engaging on social channels and wrapping up back-end operations.

In fact, Salesforce is placing all its chips on the growth of connected devices and their ability to change the way we currently work. By combining the two big buzz terms of ‘cloud’ and ‘mobile’, we’re left with a powerful new offering, giving businesses everything they need at their fingertips, speeding up time to innovate, create and deliver. As the event summed up quite nicely, ‘speed is the new currency of business’. So watch this space!