Business spokespeople have a key role to play in any PR programme, as a bridge between the company and the public, shaping public perception and influencing brand image through their communication skills and expertise. In essence, they act as the public face of the organisation, communicating the company’s message to various audiences, most prominently through the media.

In harnessing spokespeople effectively, however, timeliness is key. That is why the ability to quickly mobilise and present the right spokesperson can be the difference between seizing a media opportunity and missing it entirely. For PR directors and managers, one of the most frustrating challenges is the struggle to secure time with the right internal spokespeople.

Identifying and preparing the right spokesperson who is knowledgeable, articulate, and aligned with the company’s messaging goals, and doing it at short notice, is difficult and many often fail to meet the challenge.

This can significantly hinder a brand’s ability to respond to media enquiries, engage in timely conversations, and ultimately, secure valuable media coverage.

Partnering with the right PR agency can offer a strategic solution to the spokesperson accessibility issue, ensuring the brand remains responsive and competitive in the media landscape.

Moving forwards

Agencies can equip team members with the skills to handle media engagements, thus broadening the pool of potential spokespeople within the organisation. By training a broader pool of team members for media engagements they ensure that the organisation can present a range of perspectives and areas of expertise. This diversity can enhance the business’ credibility and relatability to different audiences.

Moreover, the right quality training helps create skilled communicators who can articulate the company’s mission, values, and products effectively, helping to build a strong brand image. They can engage with the audience in a way that resonates and builds trust.

Agencies serve as a vital intermediary between brands and the media, facilitating opportunities and equipping spokespeople to optimise the impact of each interaction. Drawing on well-established relationships with journalists, editors, and media outlets, agencies can adeptly secure coverage for clients while also providing invaluable support in content creation. Through their understanding of the brand and its audience, they can craft concise messages and prepare briefing materials, including Q&As and key discussion points.

Additionally, agencies can create a bank of rapid response comments for spokespeople, enabling swift and effective communication with journalists to capitalise on urgent requests.

Together, these agency-delivered services help company spokespeople to deliver consistent, confident communication, even at short notice, maintaining the brand’s narrative and enhancing its image across various platforms.

In crisis situations, agencies can swiftly mobilise trained spokespeople, adept at navigating negative press, to manage the narrative and mitigate damage. The agency implements a crisis communication plan, aligning messages across all channels to ensure consistency and control.

By proactively addressing the media and public, offering clear, transparent responses, agencies help maintain trust in the brand. This rapid, strategic response not only protects the brand’s reputation but can also turn a potential PR disaster into an opportunity to demonstrate the brand’s commitment to accountability and customer care.

The agency advantage

The authentic voices and deep expertise of your internal team members are the foundation of your brand’s public persona. Their insights into your company’s services, solutions, and core markets are invaluable, yet the challenge lies in mobilising these voices swiftly to capitalise on media opportunities. This is where the strategic partnership with a PR agency becomes crucial.

Drawing on the expertise of an experienced PR agency ensures that your brand can effectively navigate the fast-paced media environment. By training a diverse pool of your team members and preparing them for media engagements, agencies help your organisation present a wide array of perspectives and expertise, enriching your brand’s narrative and engagement with various audiences.

Engaging with a seasoned PR agency allows your brand to navigate the complexities of media relations with confidence, ensuring that every communication opportunity is optimised to strengthen your brand’s presence and reputation in the market both today and in the future.

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