Ways for designers to stay inspired during the pandemic

By Hannah Graham, Senior Designer

As working from home five days a week becomes the norm again and we settle back into our finest comfies for winter. For designers, it’s more important than ever to have an outlet for creativity and inspiration to make sure we don’t all go crazy.

For those who thrive off constant interaction and an inspirational office space or busy atmosphere, being sat back at the dining room table all week can seem a bit of a bust. As a senior designer I have worked in my fair share of great office spaces over the years (and not so great!) and for sure having a clean, bright open space to work in is a must for me. But we don’t all have a fortune to spend or have endless spare room in our living spaces. There are little things, however, that you can do to help the creativity flow.

As creatives we already have the ability to adapt and overcome quickly, especially when new design trends or technology are introduced, so now is a really good time to embrace this. Customer demands will change, the pandemic will not be around forever (we can only hope!) so making things work for you is paramount to staying sane and inspired throughout the rest of 2020 and beyond.