Partnering with Sales: A Marketer’s Guide

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Key Information

Date: 13 November 2018
Time: 12.30pm

Webinar Summary

PR has long since been an isolated discipline. The importance for businesses and professionals to ensure that their marketing output demonstrably influences sales, and specifically contributes to lead generation, is no more important than it is today. So where should B2B marketers start when designing integrated marketing campaigns which will achieve true sales impact?

With a recent landmark research project, commissioned by Whiteoaks International, finding that 89% of senior Sales and Marketing decision-makers agree that their company’s marketing efforts contribute to sales and lead generation, the bar is being raised by brands and their boards, to ensure that their teams perform.

Our Client Services Director Tom Webb, Digital Account Lead Emma Slaughter and Susan Richter, Head of Content guide you through an effective integrated marketing strategy, the central role of content, how to choose the right mix of communications and how to evaluate campaigns.

Moderated by Suzanne Griffiths, Managing Director, this webinar will prompt you to consider what you’re aiming to achieve from your marketing time, activities and spend; provide you with a simple process and techniques to delivering impactful integrated marketing campaigns; and explain how to get the best from your partnership with your Sales colleagues.

We’ve also created a Slideshare with the main points from the webinar, a short set of credentials and two case studies, which you can read below or click here.

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