By Mark Wilson, Creative Director

As the Creative Director of a B2B tech pr agency, I often get asked the question, why does PR need creative? Why indeed. Here are a few of my thoughts on the relationship between creative and PR.

PR can only work if it’s creative
All our journalist insights, our relationships with clients and partners are fuelled by creativity. At the end of the day, we solve problems and creative is only the solution for that.

We work best in spaces, not boxes
It’s easy to think you need a tech PR agency, when what you really need is a problem solved. We can give you all the tools you need to fix the problem. Yes, it could be PR, but it could also touch creative, social, content and media, all brought together in a consistent, harmonious way.

PR is dead. Long live PR.
The traditional PR as we knew it is no longer. Today it’s all about modern PR, working with multiple touchpoints to get across the right message at the right time. And being able to measure your success in terms of outcomes and impact.

I need branding…that’s not PR?
Technically it’s not, but as a creative department our expertise crosses the whole expanse. We have clients who just need a website, or some who need a video. We can do it all in house, and complemented with a PR campaign just adds value and builds out the bigger strategic picture.

PR thrives on creativity 
Creative PR campaigns are everywhere; you’ve probably seen really ‘creative’ PR campaigns, which make people stop and think on the spot. They’re all good, but day-to-day our clients’ campaigns work well because they answer the specific problem or issue for the target market, and that can be done in a variety of different ways. They are not creative for creative sake, they fulfil objectives. So whatever your problem, rest assured we’ll find you the answer. It might involve our creative department, or our social media team, our media or content team. Or a dynamic combination of all of them.

And rest assured it will most certainly involve creativity.


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