I’m delighted to write a short introduction to this blog by Vanda Adlerova, who is an Account Manager at Move Up, our WIN PR Group agency partner in the Czech Republic. Vanda is here visiting and working from our office for October and it’s been a pleasure having her on the team for a few weeks. Over to Vanda…

“Groups are a fundamental way that we function as humans: we socialise in them, we live in them and we work in them. We are so used to being part of different groups, that we perhaps stop to ask why, particularly in relation to the workplace.

There is a simple answer to the question in this blog headline: two heads are better than one. That’s why. We’ve used this idiom for such a long time, so there must be something to it… I’m now a part of two unique professional groups; one of them is full of ‘Oaksers’, aka the team here at Whiteoaks International, and the other is the rest of the group of international agencies called WIN PR Group.

Let’s start with the former. As an international PR agency based in the UK, Whiteoaks has a strong global presence thanks to like-minded agencies in its WIN PR Group network. And to further demonstrate its commitment to operating internationally, ‘the Oaksers’ have just welcomed their first international intern into the group – me.

I’m currently halfway through a month-long placement and so far it has been such a great, inspirational and educational experience. But what exactly inspires me during my internship in Whiteoaks International the most? Yes, that’s right…the groups. The teams. The people.

I’ve had the chance to see how this tech PR agency works and experience a culture where everybody has their own expertise and operates as an indispensable part of a whole.

As well as being part of an international group, the agency also operates in groups within the company. Internally these groups include individuals with specialised skills, all working together for the good of the client. And when it comes to the benefits of belonging to an international network, they may seem obvious to us in the group, but we are often asked what this network could bring to the public relations industry and what does it mean for our clients.

The simple answer is expertise. The connection between other agencies brings us a wider view, and allows us to leverage the experiences of PR professionals in agencies all over the world, stretching from Australia, to Asia, the US and back to Europe.

There are a lot of things you can gain whilst working in the group. As I experienced while here at Whiteoaks International, the most important thing is that you aren’t limited by your own strengths or weaknesses: you have the whole team working with you and complementing your own skillset. When you work in a group you can let people be specialists, you identify their strengths and let them shine. Shine for you. As Coldplay sings in their album, Yellow.”

Please check out our interactive map if you’d like to find out about all the agencies in the WIN PR Group.


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