By Mark Wilson, Creative Director

Video used to be a term that made marketing & PR teams clench their teeth and wonder in vain where the budget would come from. Unless you were a global brand with a multi-million pound budget, doing video – getting actors, filming it and editing was almost a pipedream. Enter 2022 and things have changed.

One of the many things that lockdown has taught us – apart from how to properly wash your hands and bake the perfect rye bread – is that compelling video doesn’t have to be costly.

With the right message and execution – you can capture the essence of your brand, show your personality and reach your objectives which is why video marketing is so important.

Now, that’s been a long intro to get to the point, which is a neat little segue into my first reason…

#1 Visibility

In an attention deficit world, video helps brands get to the point quickly. It attracts audiences better than copy alone, and gets them engaged faster and keeps them engaged longer; whether that’s on your socials, campaign landing pages or on your brand website.

#2 Shareability

Video also has the potential to go viral. That’s what every brand wants. In the B2B tech space that’s not always possible… BUT with video, it can be more easily shared, maximising exposure for PR and marketing campaigns.

#3 Versatility

It’s versatile – so from brand awareness and product launches, to recruitment and customer success, it can capture different audiences and fulfil myriad objectives. It can inject life into old formats (the video case study is far more engaging than just the normal written version) and be used to bring an added level of verve to organic social posts and content marketing campaigns.

#4 Likeability

You can convey personality – something that’s needed and appreciated in B2B marketing. Animation or live action, doesn’t matter, both are opportunities to show your brand flavour. It gives you the opportunity to tell a story, to be more relatable to your audiences, and be more personal.

#5 Findability

Video also impacts in SEO. Not only can you catalogue your keywords in a video and potentially feature on search results pages, but…video ultimately drives traffic to your website and, as mentioned, keeps visitors engaged, i.e. on your site for longer, all things search engine algorithms take into account when ranking your site.


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