Who are you? And what’s your job at Whiteoaks?

Hi, I’m Georgie and I’m a Junior Account and Digital Executive.

What does your daily to-do list look like?

My role includes both PR and digital so every day for me varies a lot. In my digital role I carry out social listening for my clients, as well and writing and scheduling their social content each week. In my PR role I always begin the day with checking my calendar to see what client calls we have that day and what coverage might be due to be released, followed by general correspondence to clients.

What made you want to get into PR?

I studied Ancient History at uni and when I finished I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted a job that would challenge me, and where every day was different. I’m also a very sociable person so I wanted a job that would allow me to interact with a lot of different people. Everyone told me that those things sounded like PR, so here I am!

Who is your favourite brand and why?

At the moment I would say my favourite brand is Bacardi. Simply because its marketing campaigns are incredible. Its latest campaign ‘Do What Moves You’ sells the idea of having a good time, and enjoying the little things in life like dancing with your friends (and having a Bacardi), the slogan being “if it’s a floor, it’s a dance floor”. I don’t even like to drink Bacardi but I love dancing so the advertising campaign definitely caught my attention… even if when it comes to drinks I’m more of a gin and tonic kind of girl.

What’s your top tip for someone who wants to get into the PR industry?

Do as much work experience as you can beforehand. I think it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into and to see if you will actually enjoy the work. PR is a fast-paced industry so you need to be sure that you can keep up. Work experience would also give you the chance to network with lots of different people, you never know what opportunities this could bring. I actually worked for Whiteoaks for a few months as an office assistant before going travelling. This gave me a really good idea of what to expect from a career in PR and took up my current role with the company a few months ago.

How do you unwind after a day in the office?

I usually spend my evenings seeing my friends. I’m not much of a cook so if I can get one of them to offer to cook me dinner, I’d never turn it down! In the summer we usually go to the pub and enjoy the nice weather.

What’s your favourite anthem suggestion for Friday’s Whiteoaks Power Hour?

I’m a HUGE Oasis fan, so anything by them would give me that Friday feeling. If I had to choose one track it’s probably Supersonic – lyrics don’t get much better than “feeling Supersonic, give me gin and tonic”. Genius.

If you could be any character in any film, what would you be

Angelina Jolie in Mr & Mrs Smith for three reason: 1) She’s gorgeous 2) She gets to kiss Brad Pitt and 3) She’s probably the biggest badass female going.

What’s your ideal getaway location?

I love sunshine so anywhere that’s hot and sunny is idea. My dream place to visit would be the Raja Ampat Islands just off Indonesia. As well as being beautiful it is also the last place in the world where the marine life remains untouched, and the variety of different species living there is unheard of. I’m a qualified scuba diver so would love to go diving and experience the exotic underwater magic.

What’s your go-to party trick?

I can make my eyebrows dance… like the Cadbury’s advert.

And finally, cheesy chips?

Always, anything with cheese is a yes from me.


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