What’s your career background, in brief?

My first proper introduction to the fast-paced, ever-changing world of PR was my sandwich year placement at the John Lewis Partnership as part of my PR degree at Leeds Beckett University. I supported the events and photography team, working on various exciting projects across fashion, home and technology, including press shows, lookbook shoots and the celebrations for the Partnership’s 150-year anniversary. Every day was different, and even though it was an in-house role, it gave me a taste of what agency life could be like, jumping between projects and brand teams.

After graduating university with a First Class degree, I joined a leading boutique consumer agency, working on household name interior and consumer technology brand accounts. Due to the size of agency, I wore a lot of hats during my time there – from press officer and event organiser, to social media manager and business development executive. An interest in embracing a more tech-focused role brought me to Whiteoaks, moving into the B2B space.

What’s the most challenging job you’ve ever had?

At university, one of my part time jobs was in a call centre – a great way to develop a thick skin!

What apps, technology items and gadgets can’t you live without?

I run my life from my phone, so I’d be pretty lost without it. App-wise, my top three would be Whatsapp, Instagram and Strava – I’m a keen runner, so I love seeing the stats build up.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

You can’t change how people act towards you, you can only change how you react to other people – a solid bit of advice that I try to keep in mind.

Name one thing about your job that gives you a sense of satisfaction or makes you leave the office smiling?

It’s always nice when the client is happy, but I really enjoy helping a team member with their development and seeing them succeed – whether that’s on a standalone project or growing their skill set in a particular area.

Do you personalise your workspace?

Not really as I’m a bit of a neat freak – at my last job I was mocked for chronologically numbering my notepads!

What’s the first thing you do in the office in the morning?

I have quite a long commute, so I’m ready for a coffee as soon as I get in! Then I’ll check my emails and form a to-do list for the day – usually accompanied by a chat over the desks about everyone’s evenings.

What are you reading, watching or listening to at the moment?

We’re finishing up the second series of Dark, a dubbed German-language drama on Netflix, which has been really intense. Maybe that’s why I’m opting for lighter reading material at the moment – Diary of a Drag Queen by Crystal Ramussen (yes, she’s the drag queen from R29 Money Diaries; if you know, you know!). Before that it was The Heart’s Invisible Furies by John Boyne, which is one of the best books I’ve read lately and would highly recommend.


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