It’s arrived. Festive food, cheesy films, giant inflatable Santas.

And Christmas ads.

It’s always a bit of a thrill to see how each brand plays it every year. Will they continue a story , make us drool  or make us cringe only to prove we expected it. And how will the classic John Lewis do it, will there be a song, will it be cute, and can I buy slippers with it on?

Particularly though this year, it’s been interesting to see these ads – do they reference the pandemic and social rules we now abide by; or do they ignore it and just treat it like any other year? Every brand has done it differently. I have to say, even watching the latest Netflix drama, I have to momentarily stop myself from thinking, wow they’re not socially distancing, so ingrained it is becoming in our everyday life.

For me Christmas ads have to get the right tone, the right humour as well as understand their audience. I usually like the ones which have a bit of humour without going over the top. A particular favourite from years gone by have been the Curry’s Jeff Goldblum #sparetheact or the Helping you get it right one. Simple, clever with humour that stands out, and right for its target market.

This year, I’ve settled on a brand, in whose stores I don’t shop – purely because it’s too messy and there’s no order. Apparently, there are good deals to be had; no it’s not Primark, it’s TKMaxx. Their ad, for me this year, does it just right. It’s a got a helping of humour, it’s short, clever and has a good end line.

It also has a goat in it. Pretty random but then maybe that reflects the year we’ve had, hinting to the situation – all tied together with a great line “Yes, she’s had such a hard year. She bloomin’ well deserves it if you ask me”. It hits the right balance of escapism, humour and the gentle nod to the elephant in the room. It says we get it. We understand you, and the challenges of this year. So why not treat someone who deserves it.

So with that in mind, put your cute branded slippers on, get yourself a brew, and let the goat do the talking.


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