I know what you’re thinking and you’re too kind, really, but no…it’s not me that’s turning 25 this year. It’s our company, Whiteoaks.

As with most milestones, this one has me reflecting. After 25 years in business, I know that most technology companies still value and need experienced agencies with specialist communications professionals to help them grow their businesses, tell their brand story and demonstrate ROI from PR — to provide a fresh perspective and enable them to achieve synergy between their sales and marketing efforts. The need for effective communications support is even more vital considering today’s complex media landscape, the extensive amount of content available, and the exceptionally fast pace of the technological changes we’re all living through.

If a company creates excellent, relevant and insightful content that helps their audiences learn, develop their own knowledge and perform better in their roles, then, the people will keep coming back for more. And in B2B, content with measurable results is both possible and essential.

We kicked off the year with a campaign under the banner of our new content brand — Whiteoaks Insights — where we put into practice the strategy and approach we recommend for our clients. If you missed the key insights from the PR and digital marketing mix, here’s a short montage video focusing on three common priorities for every brand we work for: strategy, content and media relations. In the middle of the campaign, our Twitter chat focused on how PR can support sales. Whiteoaks’ Digital Account Lead, Dan Bailey, captured the honest discussion, questions and answers from the Twitter chat here, if you’d like to catch up.

This was just the beginning for us… On the basis that we practice what we recommend — to write, produce or create content that will be of interest to readers, rather than talk about the company first — I’m adding news about us at the end of this blog. 2018 is already shaping up to be a very exciting year and as we gear up for our 25th anniversary we’re taking the opportunity to make two significant changes at the end of March. Firstly, we’re evolving our brand from The Whiteoaks Consultancy to Whiteoaks International, to better reflect the international nature of our business. Secondly, we’re moving onto the next phase of our own growth, by relocating our talented team from Farnham, Surrey, to a new, well-positioned, and we believe, inspirational office in Hook, Hampshire. I couldn’t be more excited to steer our business, and our clients, through the year ahead…

Catch our new brand look on our website and social media platforms in a few weeks’ time, and if you like, follow us on Twitter, as we’ll start to reveal snippets and photos about our new home in Hook soon.


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