How can PR support sales? It’s a topic that often comes up for discussion for marketers looking to allocate their marketing budget to external resources. Here at Whiteoaks, we’re firm believers in our ability to demonstrate ROI for our clients, and we fully understand that the relationship between marketing and sales needs to be productive, to ensure everyone is aligned and working toward the same business goals.

We asked several marketing pros what their thoughts were around the power of PR and how it reaches beyond the marketing department and into supporting sales efforts. The discussion, in a Twitter chat, revealed some interesting food for thought.

Content That Resonates

Having your sales and marketing departments aligned is crucial for ensuring ROI. Sales teams are going to benefit from sharing content that helps to educate customers and prospects, and it also helps to build trust and establish your company as an expert in its industry.

PR that generates leads

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again, content is still king and it’s what will help your sales team to generate those important business leads. The key is to get an understanding of what content resonates well with your target audiences. This will help to create that initial dialogue which can lead to a sale. Hint – it often won’t be ‘about you’.

Marketing and Sales Working Together

If a business wants to realise and measure the value coming out of its PR efforts then the sales and marketing teams need to support each other. By taking an integrated approach, the needs of your business are being put first because the departments are focusing on the same business objectives by approaching the same target audiences with consistent messaging.

The Social Opportunity

The concept of social selling has been concreted throughout some organisations, yet others are still playing catch-up when it comes to ensuring their sales teams are active online. It’s something that businesses need to consider if they’re planning on establishing and retaining relationships with prospects and customers.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our #WOinsights chat. There were plenty of great discussions taking place around how PR is key for sales teams. If you’re looking for more from our Whiteoaks Insights series then be sure to read Lisa Hancox’s blog discussing the real questions marketers should be asking at the start of each year.



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