Parlez vous en francis? Sprechen Sie Deutsch? No matter what region or vertical you want to grow your profile in, from a PR perspective there are a few best practices you need to consider. Of course, as an agency, Whiteoaks has the skills, experience and resources to help you understand those regions and help your business grow awareness of your brand.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Research your market and media

With over 20 years’ experience in delivering bespoke campaigns for our clients in countries as close as Ireland and as far flung as China and with the support of the Whiteoaks International Network(WIN), we investigate the markets and media landscapes our clients are interested in and make recommendations on where best to target our efforts.

Not only does WIN offer local knowledge, understanding and relationships alongside the flexibility to scale up or scale down requirements based on business need, the network delivers the true Whiteoaks experience with an unwavering commitment to transparency through tailored campaigns consisting of set deliverables, linked to strict performance targets and underpinned by a formal service level agreement.

Utilising PR experts on the ground who have contacts with the right journalists, social media influencers and industry analysts, Whiteoaks never fails to deliver for our clients internationally.

2. Tailor your message and tactics to suit your B2B tech audience in that region

Using our 360PR approach, Whiteoaks quickly establishes a set of consistent key messages to work across each region. As part of a client’s marketing team, our specialist copywriters, develop an intrinsic knowledge of the core technology issues common across a client’s target audience and blend this with local knowledge of what makes for newsworthy content.

Whiteoaks is aware that what will work well in the UK, might be completely off track in another country. For example, stories on the use of technology in discount stores are popular in Germany and the UK but less so in France as discount stores are receiving negative press for how they have seemingly been treating their employees. In Ireland, while technology trade titles are limited and technology news can be difficult to secure in national papers, incorporating jobs announcement in your tech releases are very well received by national media outlets.

3. Measure campaign success

If you want to measure the success of a PR campaign, its crucial to set expectations at the start. As the ROI PR industry leader, Whiteoaks works closely with our clients to build bespoke campaigns that allow us to agree strict performance targets such as coverage volume, social media interaction or web traffic increase. With clear and transparent targets, we aim to go the extra mile for our clients and ensure their international campaigns are successful.

Entering the world stage, doesn’t have to be as difficult as it might first appear. In three simple steps, Whiteoaks working with international media outlets delivers successful B2B tech PR campaigns for our clients. To find out more, why not visit our website and read some of our successful case studies.


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