In 2013 we created a unique ‘agency-agnostic’ approach, named the International Performance Management (IPM) model

Today, our model provides four different options to technology businesses looking for B2B tech PR agencies, all set up to deliver performance-driven, strategic communications with measurable results and return on investment in every country.

Unlike other agency groups, inherently biased in promoting their ‘one agency’ approach, we can be impartial. We always recommend the most suitable of the four IPM choices that will achieve success at both local and global levels.

Whichever route you decide will best fit the needs of your organisation, this deliberately different approach guarantees a flexible, transparent, agency-agnostic principle to international PR.

The benefits

We firmly believe that the IPM framework is a stronger, first-in-class solution to solve the complex and diverse communications challenges faced by multi-national B2B technology companies

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