On Tuesday 27th November, US space agency Nasa landed a new robot on Mars after a dramatic seven-minute plunge to the surface of the Red Planet. It was NASA’s first attempt to land on Mars in six years and the jubilation of Nasa employees said it all. It was a truly historic day and testimony to the effort and expertise employed on this perilous and what many considered, insurmountable challenge.

The InSight Lander’s journey of six months and 300 million miles is the culmination of Nasa’s £633 million two-year mission which aims to shine new light on how the Red Planet was formed and its deep structure.

After the successful landing, InSight’s project manager Tom Hoffman was quoted as saying: “The InSight team can rest a little easier tonight now that we know the spacecraft solar arrays are deployed and recharging the batteries.”

While working on a mission to Mars may not be directly comparable to working on a marketing campaign to launch a new technology product or solution, there are some striking similarities. Each starts with an ambitious goal which can invariably get eclipsed along the way. Each requires experts in their own right to commit to the mission and work collaboratively to get the product/solution into orbit. All in all, the landing on Mars teaches us that anything is possible with hard work and expertise. This is where Whiteoaks International can play a starring role.

If you are a marketing or internal PR professional working in technology with stellar expectations and looking to rest easier at night knowing you have given your all, it would be worth considering hiring an external specialist B2B Tech PR Agency.

At Whiteoaks International we develop strategic, yet creative PR campaigns which are highly targeted with persona-driven tactics and approaches.

At Whiteoaks we can guarantee tangible and impactful results that are underpinned by robust performance commitments and formal service level agreements.

Finally, to see what we do in practice, you can read some of our client case studies on our website.


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