It is human nature to be wary of someone who wears a mask. Hidden identity and lack of personality are two ingredients for making engagement difficult for humans. Many a superhero has faced the same problem. Take our heroic wall-climber Spiderman, for example: achieving wonderful things and saving cities but still the police and press misunderstand him. The reason being, the mask. So why is it that many B2B organisations fear revealing their personality? But more importantly, here is why it’s time to peel back the mask on their social media strategy.

The content mix strategy differs in every business and should always be adjusted to align with each brand’s vision. For example, you would expect a business working within the banking sector to offer more corporate content than that of a new gadget company. However, one of the best approaches to B2B social media strategy is including messages that portray company culture and personality. To really showcase company culture, event photos, news on in-office happenings and videos of employees can be posted, using a conversational tone in the accompanying tweets and posts. Due to the character limits on social media platforms such as Twitter, the use of videos and photos shows company personality in a way 140 (now 280) characters never could. Video is now an integral part of social media strategy with features like Facebook’s auto-play advertisements offering a more dynamic viewing experience for potential partners.

It sounds simple, but many businesses struggle with humanising their social media strategy. The reasons behind this is usually because their content only advertises the services they offer. Yes naturally, the main aim of any social media campaign for businesses is ROI, therefore sales/product content is always going to be on the front line. However, by including a conversational tone to a B2B content feed by using words like ‘we’ and ‘our’ companies can really harmonize their message as a team. This shows potential partners that you value your teams and the kind of company they could expect to work with.

At the end of the day, decision makers are less likely to interact with faceless companies that only push out content over showing a more human side. A social media strategy lacking personality can leave businesses cold and unsure of what they could expect from you. Having a more open social feed can be used to spark conversations with decision makers in businesses and start a channel of communication in a way a content only social feed couldn’t. So, creating a personality for your business can; 1.) help showcase your brand and 2.) humanise your brand altogether — all in all, making you a more attractive prospect to work with judging by your social feeds. So, peel back the mask and humanise your social feeds to highlight the great company culture you have. You may be surprised at the result.


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