Video & Animation

Here are a selection of content films and animations we’ve produced for our clients. Get in touch with our Creative Director, Mark to find out how we could help your business stand out through film & animation.

InterSystems Supply Chain Campaign film


3D Promotional Film for SleepHubTM


InterSystems Operationalising Ai Campaign film


InterSystems Developer Campaign film


Telehouse 30th Anniversary film


Boot Sequence for SleepHubTM
Animated sequence is the start up for the SleepHubTM product.


InterSystems – Enzo Brienza Q&A
Live action talking head video


Animated Social banners

Maybe your campaign just needs some simple animated social tiles to raise your profile and encourage people to stop scrolling and read your message. From simple slideshows in LinkedIn to short animations across Twitter & Facebook, get in touch for a quote.


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