Text version - Pulsant Integrated Marketing Case Study


Over the last 18 months, Whiteoaks International has supported Pulsant with an integrated content marketing, PR and social campaign. There were three goals.

Firstly, Pulsant wanted to be positioned as leading providers of regional datacentre services, colocation, and workplace recovery, with a core focus on security, resilience and connectivity.

Whiteoaks was also tasked to raise awareness of Pulsant’s continued growth and help it achieve market leadership in Continuous Compliance IT.

Finally, a combination of PR, content marketing and social efforts, needed to drive inbound leads and traffic to the Pulsant website to prove the ROI of marketing activities.


Whiteoaks developed an integrated content marketing, PR and social media campaign over 12 months.

Central to the campaign was a content marketing strategy, mapping key campaigns to business objectives.

Whiteoaks developed core content assets for each campaign to drive leads to the Pulsant website and secondary assets to provide insights, practical advice and proof points against Pulsant’s proposition.

The PR campaign was supported by key campaign themes, maintaining brand awareness and positioning Pulsant as a thought leader. Articles secured in top tier media linked to the broader marketing campaign.

The social media campaign ran  across Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to drive social opportunity and engagement.


Whiteoaks has achieved over 120 pieces of unique editorial coverage during the year-long campaign.

Over 50 marketing campaigns were developed and delivered across the campaign, with content focusing on key business updates and propositions, new offerings and solutions and events across Pulsant’s key vertical sectors.

A range of content assets were developed to support Pulsant’s marketing function including whitepapers, eBooks, email journeys, landing pages, event pages, blogs, tops tips and best practice guides.

A 16% increase in engagement on Twitter YTD and 35% on LinkedIn was achieved. Over 1200 new organic followers across all social channels and over 7,800 web sessions in total were generated from the social activities.

Campaigning in March 2018 was at its strongest ever. Working as part of a joint team, over three times the number of new leads were identified for Pulsant’s sales team, compared with the target.


“Whiteoaks International is an integral part of our wider team and collectively we have achieved great results through our campaigning. This has allowed us to focus on our communications objectives and importantly deliver tangible leads.”

Andrew Vize, Strategy and Marketing Director at Pulsant