Navigating the world of marketing and PR presents a unique set of challenges for CEOs and founders of B2B technology businesses. Not only do they have to shoulder the responsibility of steering their companies through rapid growth phases but also the increasingly crucial task of enhancing their visibility within the industry. This dual mandate stems from pressures exerted by investors and the board, who recognise the vital role brand visibility plays in attracting investment, building long-lasting partnerships and driving market influence.

CEOs and founders of scale-ups in particular frequently find themselves wearing multiple hats, with PR and marketing among them, but often taking a back seat to more immediate operational demands. This is exacerbated by the fact that their professional backgrounds rarely lean towards marketing communications. And that’s perfectly fine. After all, not everyone wants an academic degree in PR.

However, every business owner in a competitive B2B tech landscape should understand the critical role of PR as it directly contributes to business growth by supporting lead generation, attracting investors and opening doors to new partnerships and collaborations. Positive media exposure, thought leadership articles and endorsements from reputable sources help to establish credibility and trust among target audience, industry peers and stakeholders.

Don’t let skills gaps put investors off

The repercussions of the PR and marketing skills gap are far-reaching, particularly when it comes to attracting investors and establishing industry visibility. A study conducted by ScaleUp Capital found that a substantial 63% of companies fail to secure funding due to perceived deficiencies in their sales and marketing capabilities. Investors rigorously assess a company’s market visibility, brand reputation and strategic messaging when evaluating funding opportunities. Without a robust PR strategy in place, CEOs and founders may struggle to effectively convey their company’s value proposition, potentially missing out on critical investment opportunities.

Recognising these challenges, many CEOs and founders initially attempt to manage PR internally. However, they soon realise the resource-intensive nature of effective PR campaigns and the specialised skill set required to achieve meaningful results. This is where partnering with a specialised, performance-driven PR agency can make a significant difference and unlock new opportunities to propel growth.

Improving brand visibility with a Performance PR agency

An experienced PR agency like Whiteoaks brings a wealth of industry-specific knowledge, established media relationships and a track record of delivering measurable outcomes. By outsourcing PR activities to experts who understand the intricacies of the B2B tech industry and market dynamics, CEOs and founders can optimise their time and resources. This strategic partnership not only enhances the company’s visibility and credibility but also allows its leadership to focus on core business functions critical to driving growth and innovation.

But how does a Performance PR agency help to improve brand visibility?

►Strategic messaging and positioning: A Performance PR agency works closely with CEOs and founders to craft and refine its key messages and brand narrative. By identifying a single-minded proposition, industry trends and competitive advantages, the agency ensures that the company’s messaging resonates effectively with its target audience and reinforces its brand positioning.

►Content creation and distribution: Using a single-minded proposition as a guiding principle, expert copywriters develop engaging content such as press releases, thought leadership articles, case studies and blog posts that highlight the business’ innovations and position key executives and subject matter experts as thought leaders within the industry. The agency will strategically distribute this content, which includes core brand messages, across various media channels and platforms to maximise engagement and enhance the company’s credibility and authority.

►Media relations expertise: A Performance PR agency leverages its established relationships with journalists, editors and media outlets to secure high-impact media placements. By pitching compelling stories, expert commentary and company news to relevant publications, the agency ensures that the tech business gains visibility among its target audience and industry influencers.

►Social media and digital PR: In the digital age, online visibility is crucial. Consistent messaging in organic and paid online content makes it easier for the target audience to recognise and remember the brand. A Performance PR agency utilises digital PR tactics such as SEO content, social media engagement, online reviews management and influencer partnerships to boost the business’ online presence and manage its reputation effectively.

►Measurement and analytics: A Performance PR agency employs robust measurement and analytics tools to track the impact of PR efforts, including the volume of media coverage and message penetration. Metrics such as media impressions, website traffic, social media engagement and sentiment analysis provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of PR campaigns. At Whiteoaks, we use KPIs to measure campaign performance against a business goal. Our ‘fixed fees for fixed outcomes’ model is designed to deliver tangible outcomes and positive return on investment.

Ultimately, the decision to partner with a Performance PR agency isn’t just about filling a skills gap. It’s about unlocking new opportunities, shaping industry perceptions and achieving enduring success in a competitive market.

At Whiteoaks, our performance-driven approach will help to elevate your company’s visibility, inspire confidence among the board and investors and pave the way for future business growth and innovation.

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Some companies think of a trend as something that will pass quicker than it came about. While there’s an element of truth to this with a small sub-section of them, most stay for longer than a blink of an eye. Let’s take artificial intelligence (AI) as an example. A few years ago, some people viewed it as a futuristic buzzword that lacked substance. Today, AI and machine learning (ML) technologies are revolutionising all industries. There are few businesses out there that haven’t explored ChatGPT’s capabilities.

Trends enable businesses to break the boundaries of the market. They offer exciting opportunities for fuelling innovation and fresh ideas for competitive differentiation. However, keeping up with relevant trends is no easy feat, particularly for marketing leaders. What do they need to do to keep pace?

Where the struggle lies

Internal business culture, market conditions and rapid evolution can leave B2B tech brands struggling to stay ahead of the latest trends, leading to potential growth and market expansion opportunities passing them by.

Businesses often have multiple priorities, from daily operations to long-term strategic planning, which can vary depending on the department. Marketing departments are likely to have different priorities to finance departments. This makes it difficult for the organisation to collectively focus on emerging trends and agree on the most important ones.

Tough market conditions have also pushed leaders to prioritise the bottom line. Smaller businesses or those with tight budgets may lack the resources to invest in trend analysis and implementation, and financial pressures have only worsened for many as inflation has increased costs. Perhaps most significantly, trends can change quickly, making it difficult to stay updated without dedicated effort and attention.

These difficulties can make the practical strategies for navigating trends hard to implement. Regularly reading industry publications, investing in market research and attending webinars and conferences to improve knowledge would all leave brands better placed to latch on to new opportunities. But what if these strategies could instead be left in the hands of the experts?

Tapping into trends with performance-driven insights

Partnering with a performance-driven PR agency can provide valuable insights and support in incorporating trends into business strategy. Comprised of experts in media relations, design, social media and content creation, our specialist functions collaborate to not only keep clients ahead of latest trends, but capitalise on the opportunities they present as well.

For example, Whiteoaks provides in-depth market research and competitor analysis reports to keep businesses informed about the latest trends and their potential impact. Say that a B2B tech brand wants to capitalise on the buzz around AI by launching a new AI-driven product to market. A research project can delve into the opinions and concerns of prospects and customers to understand their current pain points, their readiness to adopt such a solution and the product features they would most value.

A Performance PR agency can also secure top-tier media coverage around trending topics. This allows organisations to make valuable contributions to the conversation, positioning them as thought leaders and helping to build brand awareness. These tangible trend-related initiatives are backed by a commitment to deliver measurable results through established KPIs, enabling a positive ROI.

Beyond just the latest buzzwords

Staying ahead of industry trends isn’t just knowing the latest buzzwords, it’s about driving innovation, seizing new opportunities and achieving differentiation in a competitive market. Some trends fade as quickly as they appear, but others have lasting impacts that businesses should grasp with both hands.

Internal business culture, market conditions and the rapid pace of change can make it difficult for B2B tech brands to focus on and implement the necessary strategies to stay ahead of trends. One of the most effective ways is by partnering with a Performance PR agency.

Whiteoaks helps B2B tech brands stay at the forefront of changing trends in their sector, offering services such as comprehensive market research, competitor analysis, and generating media coverage to help clients become part of the conversation. We provide the expertise and resources needed to turn trend-related initiatives into measurable successes, ensuring a positive return on investment.

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Integrated PR harnesses the multichannel nature of communications and media to create modern, measurable PR campaigns.

Think of an integrated campaign as an orchestra, with each channel – social media, content and creative – working together to captivate the audience.

As the campaign unfolds, each channel’s unique contribution stands out, similar to how different instruments in an orchestra add to the overall performance. The audience remains engaged and attentive to every detail, much like a compelling PR narrative holds their interest. When all channels unite, the campaign reaches its peak impact, creating a powerful and lasting impression.

In PR, much like in music, success is measured by the audience’s response – increasing engagement, growing awareness and achieving tangible results.

When all elements are in sync, the result is a cohesive and impactful campaign that leaves a lasting mark.

Integrated PR components

So what elements make up an integrated PR campaign?

Social media: The heartbeat of modern public relations, social media offers unparalleled opportunities for brands to connect with their audience in real-time, foster customer relationships, and serve as a channel for engagement and amplification. While LinkedIn is the primary platform for B2B brands, X, Facebook, and Instagram also have their place, each providing ways to reach and resonate with different audience segments.

Content: Whether it’s blog posts, videos, infographics or podcasts, content contains compelling narratives which may offer educational information, entertainment or inspiration to target audiences.

Creative: It’s the element which breathes life into campaigns, transforming ideas into visually captivating and resonant experiences. From eye-catching visuals to immersive brand experiences, creative elevates and should leave audiences with a lasting impression.

Media: While securing coverage is the cornerstone of nearly every PR campaign, connecting with the right media to influence key audiences and shape perceptions is what truly underpins successful coverage. A robust media strategy encompasses a combination of thought leadership and positioning pieces, product reviews, news hijacking and analyst relations.

Leveraging each component

When all aspects of a PR campaign come together, it creates a synergy which amplifies the overall impact; for example engaging content on social drives website traffic, while a creative visual aspect enhances its appeal, leading to increased engagement and conversions.

Bringing all these elements under one umbrella – without losing key messages or undermining impact – while maintaining consistency is something we excel at here at Whiteoaks.

Consistency across all components reinforces a brand’s message and identity. It could be tone of voice, visual identity and aesthetics or messaging; if it’s coherent and consistent, clients receive a seamless brand experience across different touchpoints.

But the glue that binds an integrated campaign is the targeting. If you’re not landing content in the right publications – no matter how good your content or creative, it’s going to fall flat. And, even if you’ve secured a seat on the biggest podcast, but your key decision makers don’t make up the listener numbers, then regardless of how far and wide your message is spread, those tangible outcomes are not going to materialise.

The right targeting with the right message is where and when it all comes together.

Measuring integrated campaigns

As there are many moving parts to integrated campaigns, understanding how each contributes to overall campaign performance is essential.

Measurement is done by tracking KPIs that are aligned with overall business objectives. Defined KPIs for each component ensure brands can assess performance, identify areas for improvement and optimise future strategies.

Importance of expertise in different fields

Consider this: social media requires a deep understanding of platforms and the creation of content that encourages likes and shares. Creative work demands years of graphic design experience, branding knowledge and aesthetic insight. Media relations necessitate years of building a network of media contacts and crafting compelling angles and narratives. For an integrated PR campaign to excel, every component must perform at its best. This is why, at Whiteoaks, our team is comprised of the best professionals with exceptional credentials.

Integrated campaigns for tech brands

Integrated PR offers significant advantages for tech brands due to its ability to effectively communicate complex products and differentiate the brand in a competitive market. It caters to tech-savvy audiences, maintains a multi-channel presence and helps foster engagement. Integrated PR enables global reach and is scalable for growth. Finally, it offers insightful metrics and when combined with the Performance PR model, ensures tangible outcomes.

If you’re seeking a partner to unify your communication channels and maximise their effectiveness, contact us to discover how we can help you build an integrated Performance PR campaign.



Without the necessary local knowledge and contacts, entering a new overseas market can seem like a daunting prospect for B2B technology companies.

It isn’t as simple as replicating the strategy and tactics that have worked so well in the UK. Instead, B2B tech brands need to consider the potential language barriers, cultural nuances and broader technology landscape in the region.

Yet, all too often we see organisations making the vital mistake of opting for a one-size-fits-all approach to international PR.

This can leave international PR campaigns falling flat and unlikely to yield the results firms desire.

After all, brand messaging that resonates with audiences in North America might not have the same impact in Asia due to cultural and linguistic disparities. All it takes is one crucial word in a brand’s key messaging to not translate to change the entire sentiment it is trying to convey.

Consequently, a tailored approach to international PR is needed to ensure companies see return on investment and achieve brand resonance in the markets in which they wish to make headway.

An agency-agnostic approach to international PR

B2B technology companies can take the uncertainty out of international PR by engaging with the experts on the ground. One lead B2B tech PR agency can act as the gateway to a network of trusted, performance-driven agencies in key regions to deliver global reach. This is the agency-agnostic approach.

Access to this network enables B2B technology companies to develop bespoke PR strategies that align with local expectations, yet stay true to the global brand identity. From the outset, organisations can choose the relevant agencies that reside in their target regions. These local partners provide invaluable insights into cultural expectations and etiquette, preferred communication channels and key thought leaders or industry events that can amplify a brand’s message effectively.

Consistent practices and reporting

B2B tech companies needn’t worry that this approach would result in engaging with various different points of contact across agencies. Instead, the lead agency engages and manages agencies across all key regions to ensure consistent processes and effective practices for international success.

Every local agency in the network is held accountable for content, delivery systems, effective ways of working and reporting. Detailed region-specific reports provide clarity as to the results being achieved in each country. Companies can quickly see the ROI across individual regions and as a total figure, alongside market dynamics and consumer behaviour.

Collective strength under the unified standard of an agency-agnostic approach allows technology businesses to seamlessly scale in new markets as needed, with the ability to review and replace PR agencies in any country. This can all be facilitated with one simple contract with the lead agency, removing the constraints of traditional and inflexible global PR contracts. Multiple local agencies within the global network can even be combined to collaborate on a multi-region major campaign.

Extending into international markets

Our agency-agnostic approach to international PR allows B2B tech companies to maintain a unified brand identity while adapting messages to resonate on a regional level. By embracing this approach, B2B tech firms can overcome the challenges of entering a new market and effectively tailor their PR efforts to meet the unique demands and sensibilities of each target region to drive impact.

Looking to find out more about our approach to international PR? Discover more here.


Rapid growth and quick market recognition are the holy grail for B2B technology scale-ups, but the journey from zero to hero is usually fraught with challenges.

Limited budgets and staffing constraints can hinder scalability, and achieving brand awareness in a crowded market is often difficult. On top of this, customers and investors may be risk-averse when dealing with a company that has yet to establish its credibility.

But none of these hurdles will ease the expectations among founders for the business to achieve rapid growth, particularly where significant capital has been invested to get the idea off the ground.

This is where targeted, performance-led PR campaigns become essential. Here’s why:

Differentiate your brand

For scale-ups to make their mark and ultimately achieve their growth objectives, it’s vital they clearly communicate their key differentiators. What makes them stand out from the crowd? And why should their target audience care?

We work with scale-ups to devise their single-minded proposition (SMP) – a punchy, memorable descriptor of their promise to customers. Alongside compelling narratives and positioning, this can help scale-ups differentiate their brand against competitors to become disrupters and cement their brand identity.

Establish credibility

Building credibility is an important for any business, as we discussed in our recent blog on the subject, and scale-ups are no exception.

B2B buyers need to know that the company they are considering engaging with is reputable and trusted. We help scale-ups to develop this much-needed credibility by building up a portfolio of customer case studies and press releases as new clients come onboard. These assets serve as endorsements for scale-ups, providing tangible proof-points for potential prospects.

Maximise resource efficiency

Working with a B2B tech PR agency provides scale-ups with a team of PR and marketing experts to draw on, without sacrificing the budget required to hire for these positions internally. This approach allows scale-ups to access the exact level of support they require at each stage of their growth journey.

We also ensure that all campaigns are tailored to our clients’ unique needs, with all activities aligned to getting the right results, whether that’s focusing on building media relations and obtaining coverage, building up an online community or increasing brand awareness among target audiences. That brings us on to our next point.

Demonstrate the impact of PR

We work with scale-ups to set transparent key performance indicators (KPIs) at the beginning of their PR journey. This ensures they can measure the impact of their PR investments, see how it is driving them towards their goals and achieving tangible results.

These insights not only reveal the campaign’s effectiveness to founders and key investors, but also provides the intelligence needed to adapt and make informed decisions moving forward.

Undeniably, scale-ups have a long road ahead of them. But by embracing performance PR, they can overcome many of the common growth challenges they are likely to face along the way, build credibility, maximise resource efficiency, and importantly, achieve the desired results.

Our strategic approach to performance PR not only helps in differentiating the brand but also in measuring the impact of PR efforts, ultimately driving sustained growth and success for scale-ups in the competitive B2B technology landscape.

Are you a scale-up under pressure to achieve rapid growth? Get in touch to find out how we help you on your journey.


Are you sceptical of anyone who claims they can guarantee results? It often sounds too good to be true.

But that’s what performance PR is all about; guaranteed results or your money back.

Our ‘fixed fees for fixed outcomes’ model, bolstered by robust KPIs and offer of a formal service level agreement, means if we don’t hit the targets we’ve agreed with you, you don’t pay for them. It sounds bold, wild, and perhaps even a little risky (on our part) but the truth is it offers transparency and accountability, a return on investment for you, and success for us; because your wins are also ours.

You’re waiting for a ‘but’…

Well, there is no ‘but’. There is, however, an important discussion about how we set those agreed targets; the process, working out what is achievable and understanding how they relate to your overall business objectives. But how do we go about doing that?

Working with you and for you

We specialise in collaborating with B2B tech brands, so we already have a comprehensive grasp of the tech PR landscape. The more intricate process of devising campaigns and setting outcomes goes a little like this:

  • We forge an intimate understanding of your business; your positioning and your commitment to your customers.
  • We extensively analyse your target audience; what are your customer pain points and their aspirations? Which communities do they congregate in – where can we target them?
  • We understand your overarching business objectives; are you interested in building brand awareness or generating brand loyalty, for example?
  • We look at your timelines – what do you need to achieve and by when?

All this informs the strategy and helps us craft the narratives underpinning the campaign; we want them to cut through the noise and drive meaningful results.

Why agree on outcomes?

Results can only be reported objectively and quantified if measured, which lies at the heart of performance PR. We’ve written comprehensively on our approach to measurement.

We use KPIs to measure performance against a business goal. KPIs can include traditional media coverage volume, website traffic, social media engagement, and more. We recommend tracking just a few important KPIs, and only those that are relevant to what you’re trying to achieve.

Agreeing on the campaign’s targets or its outcomes is important because it provides clarity for all parties, it defines the scope of a campaign and is important for managing expectations.

And when those KPI targets are hit – and they’ve been aligned with business objectives – demonstrating ROI becomes straightforward and makes justifying the investment in performance PR to your senior management team a piece of cake.

Deciding and reporting on targets

So how do we set KPIs targets? The slightly annoying answer is “it depends” because the truth is, of course, every client and their goals are unique.

Setting targets in PR requires a delicate balance between ambition and realism. Budget constraints and timing play significant roles in determining what is feasible within a given campaign. And it’s essential to establish clear milestones and delivery stages, allowing for iterative adjustments along the way.

For a business seeking to enhance brand awareness, our reporting would likely highlight metrics such as the volume of media coverage, total media impressions garnered by the campaign, and the audience’s association with key messages (message penetration). We could compare these statistics before and after the campaign to illustrate the impact and changes achieved.

For a business working to build brand loyalty, trust, and credibility, we’d report on metrics showing the content’s effectiveness at engaging your audience and sentiment. Agreed KPIs would include ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ on social media platforms, or clicks through to a webpage, comments, messages, and enquiries.

For a business aiming to enhance brand consideration, we could focus on measuring the percentage change in brand perception before and after a PR campaign.

Fixed fees for fixed outcomes

By understanding the nuances of each client’s business, setting realistic targets, and maintaining accountability through robust reporting, we can help tech brands cut through the noise in an increasingly competitive landscape.

At Whiteoaks, we devise campaigns aligned with those goals right from the outset. Our performance PR model is designed to deliver tangible outcomes that directly support your business objectives and deliver ROI.

We guarantee results, for a guaranteed return on investment – it’s as simple as that.

If you’re interested in finding out how investing in performance PR can help your brand get results, reach out to us today.

Hook, Hampshire, 23 May 2024: Whiteoaks International has been awarded the PRCA Gold Communications Management Standard (CMS) accreditation for the sixth consecutive year.

The accreditation follows a comprehensive and successful audit and moderation session that examined areas including business planning and development, client satisfaction and campaign management.

James Hewes, CEO, PRCA, commented: “Congratulations to Whiteoaks for maintaining their CMS accreditation for six years. Their processes have become highly refined. Numerous examples of best practices were observed in client and campaign management, and diversity was thoroughly assessed as part of the CMS best practice standards.”

The CMS accreditation is founded upon the pillars of the ISO9001 standard for quality and Investors in People, making it a distinctive hallmark within the PR and communications industry.

“Celebrating our sixth consecutive CMS accreditation is not just testimony to Whiteoaks’ unwavering commitment to excellence, but also to our unique identity as an employee-owned business,” says Whiteoaks Managing Director, Suzanne Griffiths.

“Our performance-driven approach to PR is ingrained in every aspect of our operations, ensuring that we consistently deliver impactful results for our clients. This accreditation stands as a remarkable acknowledgment of our team of specialists’ dedication to client satisfaction and exemplary campaign management.”

In a bygone era, success in PR was crudely measured using Advertising Value Equivalents (AVEs), a method that inadequately equated media exposure to advertising expenses. This approach, much like measuring success in column inches, provided little context and understanding of the impact of media placements.  

At best, the outcome would be a mention in a national tabloid, but the genuine results and business impact were unclear.

Today, with rapid advances in technology, PR has undergone a profound evolution. 

The evolution of PR

Print is but one of the myriad channels at the disposal of PR today – from online articles and social media posts curated by influencers, to immersive real-life trade shows and conferences. This array means narratives and messaging can be crafted, disseminated and amplified across multiple channels. The number of touchpoints available to brands to engage with their audience is both diverse and abundant.

The internet hosts pockets where niche communities congregate, and with strategic messaging and compelling narratives, PR can identify and hone in on these targets in a way that was never possible before.

With ever-evolving tools and capabilities to monitor and track, campaigns can be designed to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) that align to business objectives. This approach ensures campaigns yield tangible outcomes – from increased sales and enhanced visibility to heightened customer engagement.

Modern PR in business growth strategies

So we’ve seen PR has changed but how can it really help shape and drive business growth? If we think of PR as a bridge between brands and their target audiences, we can begin to see how it plays a key role in growth strategies. 

Be seen

Business growth through PR can only really happen when you get the balance right between the complex interchange of values; visibility, credibility, and authenticity.

Being at the forefront and generating visibility is paramount for brands to attract attention, acquire customers, and secure business opportunities. However, visibility lacks substance without the additional layer of brand credibility.

While visibility serves as the initial hook, it’s only when the brand is perceived as credible by its audience that it truly solidifies its position and nurtures enduring connections.

And believed

Credibility doesn’t come from spouting well-meaning sentiments as part of your campaign. It doesn’t come from paying a premium for a stand at a fancy trade show. Nor does it come from speaking about topics that you think should be discussed because they’re trending on TikTok.

Credible brands speak on subjects which matter to their audience. Credible brands talk authentically – potentially about the challenges their audience is trying to solve or the opportunities they want to seize. Authentic narratives add value and demonstrate why their audience should pay attention. Acknowledging when a topic isn’t within the domain of a brand also reinforces this credibility.

PR wields the ability to shape perceptions, making it a potent instrument for driving business growth when visibility, credibility, and authenticity harmonise. When a brand is not just visible but is also trusted, it becomes a compelling choice for consumers to engage with and purchase from.

Where experience matters 

And herein lies the importance of selecting the right PR agency. Being able to craft those authentic narratives is born from a deep comprehension of audience needs and extensive experience in calibrating messaging and measuring outcomes. 

A skilled PR agency will adeptly pinpoint compelling narratives to cut through the noise, amplify reach, and ensure they consistently serve your brand’s goals, time and time again.

Business growth for B2B tech 

For the past 30 years at Whiteoaks, we’ve dedicated ourselves to refining this approach working with B2B tech brands. With tech-savvy clients and a cynical media, the urgency to distinguish your brand is more pressing than ever before. 

While consumer brands excel at this, B2B is still playing it safe, making it increasingly challenging to break through the noise. And this is where we come in – crafting messages which offer a fresh perspective; steering away from the generic and sparking conversations that challenge norms or elevate discourse to new heights; we’ve uncovered the secret sauce to standing out amidst a crowded marketplace. 

A strategic approach for business growth 

As PR continues to evolve, its measurable impact on business goals and growth cannot be dismissed. Modern PR practices enable the demonstration of ROI, making investment in this strategic approach more convincing than ever before. It’s no longer solely about who can shout the loudest but about being visible, trusted, and persuasive.

If you’re interested in finding out how your brand can cut through the noise and use PR as a strategic approach to grow, get in touch:

For B2B technology companies, the launch of a new product is a critical moment. With vast amounts of money and countless hours invested in research and development, ensuring that these innovations don’t merely blend into the background against established competitors is crucial. Yet, even the most innovative products that offer significant benefits to customers can face the risk of poor market performance if they don’t make a splash at launch, which can curtail further innovation and impact profitability. The key to preventing this lies in strategic partnerships with specialised B2B tech PR agencies. These agencies excel not just in traditional public relations but in constructing a unique solution proposition, supported by compelling narratives, which resonate with the target market.

The Role of Specialised B2B Tech PR Agencies

B2B tech PR experts focus on gaining an in-depth understanding of the competitive landscape and are highly-skilled at highlighting the unique elements of a new product or service. By positioning it not just as another entry into a crowded market but as a pioneering solution to a real problem, they set the stage for market disruption or even the creation of new categories.

Looking Beyond Features

One significant advantage of employing specialised PR services is their ability to shift the focus from the features of a product to the solutions it provides. Instead of just promoting technical specs, which can get lost in translation for the decision-makers, PR strategies emphasise how the technology addresses specific customer challenges. This approach not only makes the product more attractive to potential buyers but also enhances its perceived value and relevance.

Driving Visibility

For a new product to make its mark, it (and the brand) needs to be visible and credible. Visibility comes from expertly crafted content such as thought leadership articles, insightful blogs, and informative whitepapers that can be shared across different channels, whether that’s on the company website, social media, or the media. These pieces capture the essence of what the new innovation stands for and what it means for the end users and allows the brand to target the right audiences by speaking their language.

Creating Credibility

The credibility factor makes a real difference. It’s not enough to talk the talk, prospects need to see that the business they’re considering engaging with is capable of walking the walk, too.

By using case studies or press releases to showcase real-world applications and testimonials from beta users, PR can demonstrate the practical benefits and reliability of the product. Alongside this, quotes and endorsements from respected industry figures can boost credibility and attract attention from a broader audience. Finally on this point, recognition from industry-relevant awards can significantly enhance the product’s profile and serve as a testament to its innovation and impact. All of this third-party endorsement acts a sign of credibility to prospects and helps to give new product launches extra clout to stand out from competitors.

Ultimately, when B2B technology companies leverage the expertise of specialised tech PR agencies, they ensure that their innovative solutions are not just another drop in the ocean. Instead, they stand out as solutions that address real-world problems, backed by strategic storytelling and robust market positioning. This not only elevates their offerings above the fray but secures a competitive edge that drives both current profits and future innovation.

If you’re wanting to make sure your next product launch stands out from the crowd, get in touch to find out how we can help.

Achieving top-tier media coverage is a key goal for B2B tech brands aiming to elevate their market presence and assert differentiation. Whether it’s an op-ed piece in a national title, or an in-depth thought-leadership article in industry  media, featuring regularly in publications that your target audience reads is important to build your brand’s reputation, foster trust with stakeholders, and drive business growth and success.

However, the landscape of media outreach is complex and time-consuming. Journalists are up against tight deadlines, filtering through hundreds of emails a day to find the perfect story. Securing media opportunities in a competitive industry can be difficult, even if you’ve done thorough research on pieces a journalist you’re trying to reach has covered in the past. Even if your content offers a unique viewpoint on a trending topic. And despite your pitch having an eye-catching headline. So, what is the best way to ensure successful media outreach?

The right tools and strong relationships – the winning duo

While media intelligence platforms like Gorkana and Roxhill have long been the secret weapons of PR professionals, the absence of such resources can create a significant barrier to achieving media milestones. Without access to comprehensive databases, real-time insights, and journalist contact information, even the most compelling pitches can fall on deaf ears.

Most importantly, however, to ensure a steady stream of impactful media opportunities, you need deep-rooted relationships with journalists, analysts, and influencers. Although they are inundated with pitches and press releases on a daily basis, having a pre-existing relationship can significantly increase the likelihood of your content being noticed and considered for use. Having a rapport with journalists helps you to gain valuable insights into what topics resonate with them, the formats they prefer, and the types of stories they’re currently working on, ensuring successful placements.

These relationships can also open doors to collaborative opportunities beyond traditional media coverage, including co-creating content, participating in industry panels or webinars, or research projects. By working together, you can amplify each other’s reach, leverage each other’s expertise, and create mutually beneficial outcomes that extend far beyond a single media placement.

Refine your content strategy

Crafting a compelling story that resonates with both journalists and your target audience is key to capturing media interest. At the core of your content strategy lies the concept of defining a single-minded proposition (SMP) and supporting messaging. This involves honing in on the key positioning you want to convey and ensuring consistency across all communications. A clear and concise SMP serves as the foundation upon which the media outreach efforts are built, guiding the creation of narratives that are impactful and memorable.

Armed with SMP and key brand messages, it’s important you identify areas where your brand has unique insights or expertise and leveraging these to add value to the conversation through unique perspectives. By focusing on topics that align with your brand’s strengths and interests, you can position yourself as a credible voice in your industry, increasing the likelihood of media coverage.

Make an impact in the media landscape

Achieving top-tier media coverage requires more than just luck – it needs a strategic media and content approach, access to the right tools, and a team of seasoned experts with the right relationships dedicated to your success. By partnering with a performance PR agency that understands your industry, embraces  best practice, and prioritises results, you can fast-track your growth and position yourself as a thought leader in your field.

With over thirty years’ experience in B2B Tech PR, unrivalled relationships with journalists and analysts, and a dedicated content team, our Whiteoaks’ experts leave no stone unturned when it comes to securing impactful media placements. With a focus on measurement, we’ll provide you with valuable insights into audience engagements, campaign performance, and ROI to demonstrate clear value of coverage to stakeholders.

So why settle for mediocrity? Choose performance PR and watch your brand soar to new heights.

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